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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why do you need a picture of herpes?

   I have seen that much to many people need pictures of herpes in order to know if they have herpes or not. When I first realized that I have herpes was a couple of years ago, I was afraid to go to the doctor and because of that I went online and check if someone has some photos to know if I have got herpes or another thing, that I may not have heared of it. When I first saw one of the pictures of herpes, not mouth herpes, I realized that I do have herpes.. oups. The hardest thing for me was to realized and understand and accept that herpes is incurable and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. I guess this is the thing that makes us afraid, the idea of incurable disease and that all we do, we cannot escape from it. It is hard, I know. It is hard to get rid of it, but I guess in the future there are going to be invented or developed things to get rid of herpes, I know that. 
   Mild herpes pictures are the same. If you have herpes mild, severe or anything like this, then you have to deal with it. Go to the doctor, try to make something, it does not mean that if the herpes is mild you do not have a thing. Sometimes the mild conditions can get worse and get into complicated things. 
   I also have had mouth herpes and btw, I did not take any picuteres of my mouth herpes, it would be kinda complicated and kinda sick to do a thing like it. Also, if I would to do a thing like that I would realize that is kinda complicated and I do not want to remember my mouth herpes pictures, not at all. 
   Why do people search for herpes and pictures? Herpes is an incurable disease. If you have got it, you will never get rid of it. You have to live with it all your life, that is why people do search for this things, that is why people need to know if they have got herpes. Most of the people do not have symptoms or do have mild symptoms and because of that they do not know if they have herpes or not. If you have got herpes, then it is time to do something with your life. Do not just wait for anybody to do something with it, herpes pictures to be seen are not enough in order to win, you need to do something right away and the doctor I guess is the right and only solution in this case. 

   Let me tell you again a couple of herpes transmission ways:
  1. skin contact
  2. kissing - mouth to mouth contact
  3. basicaly skin to skin contact, it will not be spread as a regular flu within the air.